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In depth, comprehensive research requires a starting point. Research, commentary, and analysis from each of these resources provided the foundation for Andrew to shape his perspective on how it all works. Andrew hopes that these sources can be used as a guide for learning more about the machinery that drives the financial services industry.  All text is Andrew’s own language and solely represents his description of each organization.

As a broker between buyers and sellers of financial technology for middle and back office functions, Bobs Guide showcases the tangible solutions available to attack the mechanical problems of the financial services industry.

Bob's Guide

A one-stop-shop for the most comprehensive peer reviewed research and up-to-date commentary on risk management, derivatives, and regulation. publishes the Journal of Operational Risk and the Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures. In addition, publishes books written by industry veterans and academicians on similar topics.

A consortium of global banks that collects data on operational loss events in order to better control risk for individual banks and within the financial system at large.

Operational Risk
Exchange (ORX)

The global governance regime that sets the international standards for financial regulation. The BIS disseminates its standards, research, and commentary through committees like the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Committee on the Global Financial System, and the Committee on Payments and Market Structures.

The Bank for International Settlement (BIS)

As the premier trade collective for swaps and derivatives markets, ISDA publishes industry standard contract templates for various products and sets industry standard protocols for lifecycle events. ISDA also provides critical research on market infrastructure, product development, and industry trends. ISDA’s Common Domain Model provides the technical means by which to solve many of the issues of the trade processing function.

International Swaps and Derivatives Organization (ISDA)

What can go wrong in a spreadsheet? The European Spreadsheet Risk Institute provides detailed case studies about egregious Excel errors, some of which cost billions.

European Spreadsheet Risk Institute

The international organization of academics, practitioners, and former policymakers which drove the changes in the settlement cycle that enabled the development of global swaps and derivatives markets.  

Group of Thirty (G30)

An online education and training platform with modules designed primarily to train entering investment banking analysts.

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

An open-source language used by market participants to communicate trade information for over-the-counter derivatives.

Financial products Markup Language (FpML)

ISO solves traditional collective action problems in various industries through standardization. In the financial services industry, ISO provides trade identifiers, descriptive language, and technical standards necessary for straight-through processing.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

A cooperative of global banks that provides a network messaging system used to execute bank-to-bank funds transfers. Payment using the SWIFT network is usually the final step in the trade processing lifecycle.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)